Create a Basketball Library

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Children’s Books

Inch & Miles: Amazing Children’s Book: What a great book to read to young children. The characters are amazing and teach great life lessons from John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.

Coaching Youth Basketball 5th Edition is #1 Coaching Youth Basketball Book: Read a full review of book. This is a GREAT resource for youth coaches of all levels.

We will share with you some of out favorite basketball books for all ages.

High School books

Basketball Shooting by Dave Hopla: #1 Book for Teaching Players How to Shoot a Basketball This is the best instructional book on shooting basketball. It is really helpful for coaches. Being able to help players improve shooting with great technique and many drills from form shooting to moving drills. Read the full book review…

Stuff Good Players Should Know: Intelligent Basketball From A to Z 

River Dreams: The Friday Night Lights of High School Basketball: Fall River Dreams is a MUST read for any committed high school basketball player or coach, especially if you live in Massachusetts. Below are some 5 reasons this books is a great resource. Read full book review