Boston Celtics All In: The Inevitable Rematch

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During the 2024 Playoff Run, the Boston Celtics release a docuseries entitled “All In.” We love the Boston Celtics and basketball so we decided we would write a review of episode #1.

Episode #1 The Inevitable Rematch

The Boston Celtics 2024 Docuseries “All In” captures the excitement of the Boston Celtics playoff run. The Inevitable Rematch focuses on the First Round series against the Miami Heat. 

This post will break down the episode into different chapters. We have provided a summary of each section. We hope you enjoy.

  1. ”It doesn’t mean a thing without the ring.” (0:00 – 4:50) The introduction focuses on the unwavering commitment of the ownership, coaches and players to raise Banner #18 in the TD Garden. The ownership felt there was a need to make changes to get to the championship. This section highlights the off-season acquisitions of Kristaps Prozingus and Jrue Holiday along with the contract extension of Jaylen Brown. The players discuss the focus needed to raise banner 18.  
  2. ”We want to be the strongest, the longest at the end of the season.” (4:51 – 6:02) Once the team had been created, coaches and players talk about the preparation for the season. 
  3. “It’s a good day to bleed green today.” The fans & superfans: (6:03 – 7:04): This captures a playoff game day in Boston. Some people feel Boston has the greatest fans in the world. There are many individuals who have become super fans that are easily identified during the games.
  4. “We understand the opportunity that we have.” Game 1 (7:03 – 9:10) Celtics win 114 – 94. Series 1-1. Jason Tatum stresses the awareness of the team that they can be special.
  5. “He’s a basketball machine.” Payton Pritchard Interview (9:11 – 11:23) It talks about the different seasons and the roles he has had each year. 
  6. “This is a Heat team that they should dominate. They are not dominating tonight.” Game 2 (11:24 – 13:31)
  7. Game 3
  8. “You don’t want to play with the basketball gods.”Game 4 (15:20 -16:28)
  9. “There is no place I would have rather been. So Boston.Thank you.” Good night. (Mike Gorman Play-by-Play announcer Final Game: A Boston sports legend and part of the Celtics family for 40+ years.