Boston Celtics All In: The Arena

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During the 2024 Playoff Run, the Boston Celtics release a docuseries entitled “All In.” We love the Boston Celtics and basketball so we decided we would write a review of episode #1.

Episode #3 The Arena  

Tom Brady is the GOAT and was inducted into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame on June 12th, the night of game 3 of the NBA Finals in Dallas. (The Patriots selected the date for the 6 Lombardi trophies he has won with the Patriots and the number he wore.) No one knows better than Brady what it takes to win on the highest stage. 

  1. “And that’s what makes greatness…  They rise to occasions.” (0:00 – 2:29) Tom Brady, with more Super Bowl rings than any other player, talks about the “brotherhood” of a championship team. Red Auerbach, the patriarch of the Boston Celtics, identifies what makes a clutch player – “the ability to perform under dire situations.” Two of the greatest winners of all-time in New England and Boston.
  2. “Timing is important.” (2:30 – 4:57) Wyc Grousbeck talks about how the ownership group was created and how they used analytics to start the process of building a championship NBA. This process is so drastically different from the past. Almost no players remain with one team for an entire career, like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Dr. J. Teams often acquire players through trades and free agency. 
  3. “The most competitive group. Top to bottom.” (4:58 – 7:25) The players talk about the competitive nature of the players on the team. The trip to Italy shows how there are many ways a team can come together. There is a crazy mentality of competitiveness within the group, such as the G Unit Runs.
  4. “There is only championships here. That is always the goal. You know what the standard is here.” (7:26 – 9:04) Red Auerbach talks about how the fundamentals are so important. Highlights of this year’s playoff runs are played.
  5. “Honestly I don’t have the time to give a $%^K!” (9:04 – 10:55) Jaylen Brown and the Celtics are not receiving from love from the national media. The players react to this by trying to stay focused on the task at hand. 
  6. 2008 Finals Game 1 LOS vs. BOS The fire that you need to try to win the championship. is on a whole another level. (10:56 – 14:44) There is a flashback to the 2008. Members of that team talk about their experience. They also make connections to this year’s team. Leon Powe talks about his contributions as a role player, like the many Celtics on this year’s team are doing. 
  7. “Sometimes you get punched in the mouth, you gotta get up an punch back.” (14:45 – 19:00) The need to respond to the opponent is more important with each round. The expectation of this team is to get to the finals. The lessons of the season are being applied to the Eastern Conference finals. The importance of being mentally tough.

The Boston Celtics aren’t a basketball team. It’s a way of life. (19:00 – 20:50) Tradition is the driving force of the Celtics organization and this year’s team. It is time to “restore order.”