Boston Celtics All In: It Takes What it Takes

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During the 2024 Playoff Run, the Boston Celtics release a docuseries entitled “All In.” We love the Boston Celtics and basketball so we decided we would write a review of episode #1.

Episode #2 It Takes What it Takes

“It Takes What it Takes” focuses on what is necessary to get to the “mountaintop.” Mental toughness is a key to any successful athlete and team. Flashbacks to Game 7s vs Lebron in 2018 and 2008 highlight the different stages of NBA careers and the need to players to step up and capture the moment. What it means to be a Celtic is discussed by current and former players. 

  1. We only hang up Championship banners.” (0:00 -2:33) Paul Pierce is interviewed and talks about the championship expectations and what it takes to get there. 
  2. Green Hair Superfan (2:34 – 4:11) What does it take to be a superfan? Lots of dedication and support. There also needs to be sacrifices made by family members to allow the fan to follow the team and his passion.
  3. Game #1 (4:11 – 5:59) Game #1 Celtics come out strong. Coach Charles is hired by the Charlotte Hornets, showing that success leads to opportunities for coaches, players, and front-office personnel. Coach Lee shares his philosophy and passion for coaching. Dana Barros also shares his thoughts on what it takes to be a champion.  
  4. Game #2 (5:59 – 7:29)“It ain’t nothing like winning in Boston. You hear.” Former Celtic Marcus Morris Sr. understands what it means for a visiting team to come into the Boston Garden and get a victory, especially in the playoffs. The emotions of a season are acknowledge and like all people associated with NBA playoffs, teams know it is all about getting FOUR WINS! 
  5. May 27, 2018 ECF Game 7 CLE vs. BOS (7:30 – 9:54) This is where it all started. The signature moment was when Tatum dunks on Lebron. No fear! As ”Nuke” LaLoosh would say “announce my presence with authority.” Tatum did that and let Lebron, the NBA, and the basketball world know that he is now a force to be reckoned with. 
  6. Game #3  It’s “Do or Die” time right now. (9:55 – 13:37)
  7. Game #4 (13:38) “Performing well may look different from night to night because of how talented this team is.”
  8. May 18, 2008 ECSF Game 7 CLE vs. BOS “It’s kind of what being a Celtic is all about.” (13:38 – 16:12) Highlights of the incredible performance of Paul Pierce during Game 7 at the Boston Garden against Lebron. What a clutch performance! Al Horford, the veteran who ranks #2 on that all-time list of playoff games with a championship, explains the mentality of being a Celtic.  

Game #5 “You just got to stay in the fight.” (16:13 – 19:33) The current players talk about the mindset, the attitude, and effort that will be required to finish the series.