4 Tips for Moms to Support a Youth Basketball Player

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A mom can take a handful of measures to help and support the development of a child’s s talents and passion for basketball. Once a child first starts shooting hoops, it may be challenging to figure out how to motivate them without pressuring them so strongly that they lose interest in the sport.

The intensity of the action, some things can be hard to recall. However, youngsters often pursue basketball because they enjoy it. They will quickly go from admiring the sport to loathing their games if demands are placed upon them to score every shot, grab every rebound, and commit no turnovers.

Here are 4 simple tips for moms who want to support a youth basketball player.

1. Support the Child Unconditionally

As a mother, your love and support shouldn’t count on what the child can do for you.

Let them make mistakes and learn things on their own.Your child may not grow up to be a professional NBA player. Probably, they might not even make it into the school’s basketball. The love and encouragement should be there even if your kid likes to play the sport for fun.We have forgotten that not all things should be monetized. The modern-day world is on a quest to make a profit. This has blindsided us against the joys of having hobbies. If your child genuinely enjoys the sport, it doesn’t matter if your child becomes a professional player.

If you’re not very sure how to be motivating, here’s a guide by thequeenmomma.com.

2. Be Present at Every Game

Today, many women work in addition to running a household. Single mothers share many of the same responsibilities and are doing it alone. There are parents to spend time with and often care for, but hear us out. 

At every game, there should be at least one parent or family member for moral support. If possible, the whole family should go to the game and cheer on.

After the final game is played and the final shot is taken, our child will not your the commitments. They will remember looking at the empty seats in the stands where their family should’ve been.

Sometimes, children play because they like to impress their parents. Children often do not know how to express their feelings, but they care about your opinion about them. Being there to show them that you are taking an interest in what they do goes a long way.

3. Learn to Play the Game Yourself

What better way to show a child that you care than sharing a passion, in the case basketball? Shooting hoops together can help strengthen a relationship and improve the quality time you might never get otherwise. Be a Basketball Buddy!

Children grow up in a split second. Before you know it, they’d be all grown up and too embarrassed to be seen playing basketball with you.

Adults need good memories with their parents to reflect on when life gets tough. Play the game with them while you still can. They may not know it yet but playing basketball with you will become your children’s fondest memories years down the line.

Who knows? Maybe you’re a better basketball player than you think, and you might develop a passion for this sport.

4. Don’t Try to Live Vicariously Through Your Kid

Remember your glory days are over. Your child pursuing his / her dream. You child is not a vessel for your dreams. Children are allowed to have their own dreams, make their own decisions, and lead their own lives.

Pressuring them to be good at basketball because that’s your dream would only push them away from the game that you can help them develop a passion for..

It is important to remember that even if the child decides to quit basketball, it is okay. Sure, you put in a lot of effort, but do it because you love your child, and you should support them without expecting an end goal. 

You had time to pursue your dreams, and maybe you did or didn’t. Possibly you never got the chance to do what you wanted. This is why it is even more important that you give the next generation a chance.


We already know that you love that kid if you’ve made it here. And that’s the most crucial part. Remember that words of encouragement, presence and involvement mean a lot.


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